Social media tips for retailers

We'd love to share a few tips with you about using social media to sell more items in your local shop. Most of our business, how our retail customers find us, how YOU guys find us, comes from social media! 

Social media is a great way to take advantage of FREE advertising.  You really need a social media presence these days to drive customers into your shop- unless you have an amazing location that people come to without any work! But who wouldn't want MORE business beyond what you have?! 

We hope these tips will help if you are new to or just not used to using social media, and you may learn something even if you've been using it awhile!  We want your businesses to be successful at selling more than just our signs, because the more customers and overall traffic you can get to your shop, the more eyes on our signs as well! 


    If you are interested in going way further than we can here, check out some of our favorite social media coaches and online classes! 

    Grow your social media with jENNIFER aLLWOOD

    Jennifer has been our creative business coach for two years now! She helps creative businesses (including TONS of Brick and Mortars!) grow their online presence through her coaching group called "The Inner Circle.: We've grown our social media following by leaps and bounds applying her tips, have made priceless business connections, and have loved having a guide and great company in what can be a lonely business trying to go it alone!

    This class opens up early fall so get on the wait list now to get an email when it opens! 

    Business Boutique by Christy Wright

    This is a great book to learn how to grow your business with a distinctive plan! Christy is a member of the Dave Ramsey team so it also highlights how to manage your business finances along with time, taxes and budgeting.

    They also put on a stellar conference each fall in Nashville that we will be attending and selling our signs in a booth in the lobby!

    Come by and meet us if you go, and grab the book before hand so you'll be steps ahead of the rest. 

    Instagram tips with Alex tooby

    Alex was the FIRST coach we ever paid to teach us something about growing our own business. Her FREE Instagram trainings are amazing and her paid ones are even better! 

    She teaches how to grow your following without being sleezy and following/unfollowing people and using bots to comment, like and follow. (Just DON'T do that if you are!!)

    She has a great paid course on growing your Instagram overall and a super in depth look at using hashtags. Both are amazing! 


    • All real businesses should have a Facebook page. Doing business only on your personal page can get your profile shut down. 
    • Make sure you've filled out ALL the details, street address, website, phone number, email etc. Make it easy for your customers to find you and get a hold of you for questions.
    • Post regularly.....every day, at least 4 times a day is best. 
    • Do Facebook lives- this is the BEST way to get new eyes on your page and new followers. If you are like me, you may not like doing them but they WORK! You have a huge advantage being a shop owner- you can do lives around your store, showing new items, new displays, featuring new vendors or products and you'd never even have to show your face. 
    • But speaking of showing your face- people DO like to buy from those they know, like, and trust! Your page should be about your shop and what you sell, but throwing in some personal stuff to make you a real person to them is great! 
    • Try not to make every post about selling- share a beautiful display in your shop with a quote about something meaningful in the photo- what that color, texture etc reminds you of, a special memory etc. 
    • Invite a conversation- ask questions on your posts to get engagement. Questions that are quickly answered are best- which color do you like best, what's your favorite thing here, etc. The more engagement you get the more your posts will be seen.
    • Use the "INVITE" feature. Click on the names of people that have liked your photos. If they don't already like your page, you can click "invite" beside their name and it will ask them to like your page. You know they like your content (because they literally just hit "like!" on a post!), but now you want them to take the next step and follow your page. 
    • Run Facebook ads! This can seem intimidating and scary but ads WORK to get you more likes on your page and more people in your store. You can highly targeted Facebook ads to get followers who are truly interested in what you sell. 



    • While not every brick and mortar retailer is going to have an Instagram page, shopping is VERY visual, and visual is what Instagram is all about! 
    • Be sure to completely fill out your profile, add location, store hours, website, phone and or email, and any other important info. 
    • LOCATION is the most important! I can't tell you how many stores I've seen leave that out, only to realize later I'd been near them and could have visited if I only knew where they were. 
    • We recommend posting at least once daily to your main feed, and daily to Instagram stories. 
    • In stories you can add fun videos, graphics, text, take polls, and really get your audience involved.
    • Post pretty pics in your feed. When someone clicks on your profile and sees all the photos you've posted, they should have a quick overall view of what your store looks like.
    • Make sure your photos are light, bright and inviting
    • A mix of vingette pictures and wider shots of your store will give customers an idea of your overall look and what you have to offer them
    • The same as with Facebook posts- invite a conversation so that people will be more likely to comment on your posts. 
    • Stories disappear after 24 hours,  and you can be a little freer with what you post there. Mix in some personal stuff, photos of your kids, customers and their kids shopping (with their permission!!), have fun and be creative with it. 
    • Any stories that represent your shop really well that you want to stick around- add them to your highlights. 
    • Use hashtags geared toward your CUSTOMERS not your competition! Of course you will have other stores that follow to see what you are doing, but what you want is more customers. Avoid hashtags like #entrepreneur and #brickandmortar that would attract other store owners.
    • Use hashtags that relate to the type of products you sell, your location specific hashtags, or the type of customers you want.
    • Just a random example but if you sell farmhouse decor in Nashville, TN and your ideal customer is a stay at home mom with free time to shop use #farmhousedecor #shoplocalnashville #nashvilletn #stayathomemoms



    • Lots of people tend to overlook this one because its not really "social."
    • It's important to have a presence on Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest is where most of us go to "google" pretty things now! 
    • Pin photos of your shop with hashtags and descriptions so that if someone puts  "home decor shops in Nashville, TN" in the search bar, your shop will come up. 
    • Don't just pin your own stuff or people will see right through your self promotion and will find someone else to follow
    • Rule of thumb is to repost 80% of other peoples pins, and 20% of your own. 
    • You can use Tailwind to automate and spread out your posting throughout the day, it makes it easy to pin your most popular items AND it is sanctioned by Pinterest! 
    • You will typically see more results from Pinterest by viewing the traffic to your webpage than you will see actual amounts of follwers, repins and comments. This is one reason it's highly overlooked. It's harder to know what sales and customers have come from Pinterest, but when you get your pins of your shop and your items up on there you will be amazed!