Product photos

As an Anchored Soul Retailer- Feel free to use these photos on your own social media or websites, as a way to help promote that you are selling these products.

Please do NOT share pictures of items you are not carrying or not intending to order soon. If you are sharing to gauge interest in a product, that is fine, just be honest about where they can find it if you don’t carry it or don’t intend to!

You may also use photos from our own social media, the product photos in the shop, etc BUT please be aware that some of the photos we may share on social media will be photos from our other retailers. Please do NOT take their photos and share as if they are photos in your shop! 

We don't require that you tag us, but we'd appreciate it so that we can share your photos of our products in your shop! 

This is just a small sampling of photos, and we will be adding more soon!