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(New and potential retailers, please head here first!)

Updates as of 8-11-2019

  • FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $500 (we are testing out doing this full time so take advantage while you can!

  • Current turnaround time is about 5-10 business days.

  • New FALL and FALL BEACH signs listed


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 Wholesale terms:

  • These terms apply to orders placed online and emailed directly.

  • First order minimum- $200.

  • Reorder minimum- $100.

  • Orders can be placed/paid online or if you prefer to fill out the manual order form payments will be invoiced via Paypal.

  • If you wish to pick up or purchase local delivery (within 50 miles of Smyrna, TN), Use code ANCHOREDSOUL in the online shop.

  • Local pick up- No additional fee for orders picked up at our Smyrna, TN location.

  • Shipping charges will be reimbursed if actual shipping is less.

  • Turnaround time- average 15 days, may vary based on volume of orders.

  • Order changes- must be made within 48 hours of ordering.

  • No returns or exchanges.

  • Damages or errors- must be reported within 48 hours of delivery to receive replacement items.

  • Exclusivity- Only one retailer per zip code. Exclusive rights will be retained as long as you reorder (or schedule delivery) within 6 months

  • Please inform us of ALL zip codes where you will be selling our signs.

  • All designs are copyright 2019 Anchored Soul Designs and may not be duplicated in any way by you or another party.

  • We prefer you to check out using our online shop, but if you would rather order via our line sheets and order forms, please make sure you see our new ones for 2019 below.