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We know you already LOVE to order our signs, but we are working to make things easier! 

You may still shop via order forms and line sheets

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These terms still apply to all online orders


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New as of 1-18-19


  • Currently 1-2 weeks.


  • We do not currently offer net terms, however you CAN find a smaller line of our signs on Faire- where you can get 30-90 days net terms depending on their current offerings.


  • Add on the $10 delivery fee if you are within 50 miles or you may pick up at our Smyrna, TN location for no charge

  • Add in Code ANCHOREDSOUL at checkout to dismiss shipping charges.

  • All non local retailers that will need their orders shipped, we will refund all shipping overages at the time your order ships. Minimum orders of around $100-$200 tend to be around $20 to ship via USPS or UPS. $500-$800 orders may be around $60.

  • If you have any questions at all about shipping charges, feel free to ask before you place your order!

  • Please notify us if you have specific shipping needs (ex: you need a different address for UPS etc.)

  • We will always choose the cheapest shipping option (usually UPS for larger orders), so please let us know if you have a specific request for one or the other.