Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Coastal-Inspired Home

Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Coastal-Inspired Home

Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Coastal-Inspired Home

The colors you choose in your home can completely change the way you feel about a space! It can be frustrating to begin picking a color scheme if you aren't sure yet what type of coastal vibes you are going for.

Here are some of our most popular colors used for our signs and how you can use them to create a coastal feeling in your home, wherever it may be!

Once you pick your colors, check out a sign in those colors to beautifully complement your color palette, whatever you choose!

The Magic of Choosing Colors to Create your Perfect Coastal Vibes

Colors have a magical way of transforming a space and changing our emotions and feelings about our home.

When designing your coastal-inspired home, it's fun to choose colors that reflect the beauty of the beach to help you create a calm atmosphere that feels like the ocean could be right out your back door.

Let's explore how different hues can bring your coastal vision to life.

Using white and pale blue coastal colors in your hom

1. Calm and Serene Coastal Vibes

Coastal vibes often embody a sense of tranquility and peace. Colors that promote a calm environment include:

  • White: Symbolizing freshnss and cleanliness, white creates a light and airy feel. It pairs perfectly with any color, making it a great choice for walls, furniture, and accessories. Our signs at Anchored Soul Designs come standard painted with white background and will beautifully complement a white backdrop in your home and add a touch of seaside charm to the calm space.
  • Pale Blue: Like the soft, clear sky on a sunny day, pale blue brings a sense of peace to your coastal haven. Use it as a wall color or incorporate it through fabrics and accents to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.



Pink and Aqua colors for a vibrant coastal vibe

2. Vibrant and Energetic Beachy Vibes

For a more energetic coastal vibe, go with colors that pack a punch of energy and playfulness:

  • Aqua: Resembling the sparkling waters of the ocean, aqua adds a refreshing and invigorating touch to your space. Adding pops of aqua brightens up the space and pairs well with neutrals like white and sandy beige. (This is pretty much my entire color scheme!)
  • Pale Pink: Soft and delicate, pale pink evokes a sense of femininity and sweetness. It can be used as an accent color through textiles or accessories, bringing in a touch of romance and joy. It can pair perfectly with other coastal colors, and make a dark space appear brighter and happier.




Natural Vibes in coastal Decor

3. Natural and Earthy Vibes

To create a coastal space that brings the same gentle feeling as being outdoors in nature, consider colors inspired by the elements:

  • Sage Green: Reflecting the foliage and the calming presence of nature, sage green brings a sense of connection from the outdoors to the inside of your coastal-inspired home. Use it for accent walls, upholstery, or decor pieces to bring in that soothing and earthy ambiance.
  • Dark Green: Deep and rich, dark green captures the presence of lush tropical forests and adds a touch of drama to your coastal decor. Incorporate it through botanical-colored artwork or real plants or foliage-inspired accessories for a natural and organic feel.


Nautical classic colors in coastal decor

4. Timeless and Classic Vibes

If you're drawn to a timeless and sophisticated coastal look (like Nautical!), consider these elegant color choices:

  • Navy: Representing the deep sea and clear starry skies, navy carries a sense of depth and elegance. It can be used as a bold accent color or a dominant shade in your coastal palette, creating a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Gray: A neutral color that complements any coastal theme, gray offers versatility and balance. It allows other colors to shine while providing a clean and elegant backdrop. Incorporate shades of gray through furniture, textiles, and accessories for a cohesive and polished look.


This is just a slight look at what colors can do for a space, and just a few coastal color ideas! There are so many more colors inspired by the sea that you can use in your coastal decor.

Check out all of our colors or request a custom color when you are looking for the perfect sign to complement your space

Anchored Soul color palette


I hope this helps you choose the right colors for your coastal home, and of course, we’d love to help you add some color with our coastal signs! 

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