Get coastal style without spending a dime

10 Ways to Decorate with coastal style without breaking the bank!

Decorating your house to give it a beachy vibe doesn't have to be expensive. Even if you don't live near the beach, you can acheive these styles by grabbing treasures on your next vacation!

Here are some creative ideas for decorating your house for free (or almost!) with classic coastal style:

decorating your home with sea shells, an anchored soul beach sign and an oyster garland


  1. Use Seashells: How many times have you collected shells from a beach trip and left them in the ziplock you brought them home in? You can fill a glass jar with seashells and use it as a centerpiece, or use seashells to create a coastal-themed wreath.

    Coastal decor with driftwood, fishing float, starfish, handmade sign, anchors, and metal bucket
  2. Use driftwood: Collect some driftwood from the beach (or a lake or riverbed) and use it to create a DIY coastal decoration. You can use the driftwood to create a photo frame, a mirror frame or a wall hanging, or just pop it in a bucket and display. 

    lighthouse sign in a bowl of sand, examples of decoratiing with coastal style for free
  3. Use sand: Fill a bowl or a glass jar with sand and add seashells on top. Am I the only one who has brought home sand from beach trips too?! Make a row of tiny jars filled with sand labeld with the location you brought it home from. You can also use sand to create a beach-inspired candle holder by placing a votive candle in a small glass jar filled with sand

    vintage bucket with driftwood and rope, anchored soul relax sign, coastal decorating ideas
  4. Use natural materials and fabrics: Jute and sisal rope can be tied around your jars. Thicker rope can be made into a wall hanging or draped over a bucket with driftwood. Sometimes you can find cool weathered pieces of rope on the shore- save anmials from getting tied up in it and get some cool decor. You can also use natural colored materials like burlap and linen to create a coastal-themed table runner or place mats.

    coastal basket with anchored soul sign and palm branch, decorating coastal style on a budget

  5. Grab some plants trimmings from your yard or travels: Dried palm fronds, aloe plants, monstera leaves, make a great addition to coastal decor. Find some pampas grass and clip off a few to mimic the look of sea oats. Stick them in a basket, jar, vase or bottle with some sand and seashells even.

    Decorating with sea glass, anchored soul anchor sign, seaglass in shells
  6. Use sea glass: Collect some beach glass and use it to create a mosaic on a piece of furniture or a mirror frame. You can also use beach glass to create a coastal-inspired wind chime. Or display it in a bowl.

    coastal dining room decor, handmade shutters, light and air living room
  7. Create more natural light: Let in as much natural light as possible to create a bright and airy coastal feel. Instead of heavy, dark curtains, build some shutters out of scrap wood, or light and airy curtains. Open up those blinds during the day and let the light in

    coastal living room, beach house decorating, furniture layout
  8. Rearrange furniture: Rearrange your furniture to create a more open and relaxed coastal vibe. Consider removing any furniture that might be dark and bulky and creating more open space. Can't give it up- paint your furnitre a lighter color or add a soft colored blanket draped over a dark couch or chair to brighten the room

  9. Use one of our printables: Paint an old frame, pop it in and instant coastal style. 

  10. Repurpose items: Scour thrift stores, stalk facebook marketplace or shop your neighborhood's curbside treasures for items to repurpose, paint, and make beachy! Or shop the back of your closets, garages, and attics for frames and wood pieces you can paint and weather. If your area allows you to put things on the curb, be on the lookout for curbside finds you can remake.

Of course we want you to shop our signs to finish off your coastal decor, but sometimes you already HAVE what you need or can just switch things up without spending a ton. 

I hope these spark even more ideas for decorating your house for free with coastal style.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your home into a coastal retreat without breaking the bank.


and don't forget to check out our signs if you are ready to snag some new decor! 

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