Makeover Monday- Switching to Spring

Whether it is still snowy and cold in your area, or warming up with daffodils already blooming….either way it is time to start thinking SPRING!

So today’s makeover Monday is all about switching over to spring and adding in some COLOR to spruce up the wintery blues!

We have this SUPER CUTE spring printable we are giving you for free! You can grab it here, and frame it for a super quick and easy spring fix!

We also have tons of new spring signs in the shop

We are LOVING these tulips and we even added some daffodils this year!

If you can’t tell we are really loving yellow and green!

Click on each photo to visit that sign in the shop!

And of course, we’ve got lots of other colors!

If you aren’t in the market for a sign, and want some decor that you can either leave out for awhile or switch out with each season, we have tons of spring printables in the shop too!

What’s the difference in our signs and printables?

Well, our signs are handmade to order and get shipped directly to your home!

Our prints come in your email, and you can print them on your own printer or take them somewhere to get printed on high quality paper! You can print them yourselves on a cardstock quality paper or even just plain old regular printer paper will work! Framing is our favorite way to use them!

other ways to spruce up for spring!

You can see here how I swapped out pine for boxwood in these milk glass vases to switch over from winter to spring! I just use trees and bushes around my house to do this each year! They both do dry out quite a bit, but they retain their color and last for months and months! This is probably one of my favorite money saving tips for decorating- using nature to decorate for free! Also swapping out my prints from a wintery one to a spring one was super quick and easy!

I love love love using vintage blue bottles and milk glass vases! You’ll often see me sharing pics of them styled with my photos, like you see here below! Adding flowers or a sprig of greenery is a great way to easily make it feel like spring!

All of my bottles and vases are true vintage, and on occasion I have paid way too much for them just because I love how they look!

I found a few options for some you can buy online and some of these are fantastic deals! Click on each to check them out!

Flowers and greenery

Like I said, I tend to use mostly natural greenery around my house, but I WILL splurge some on both fake and real flowers! I also LOVE these fake but real looking boxwoods. Click on each of these to see where to find them!

I’m also loving anything seagrass right now to add texture and dimension to a space! It’s perfect to mix with anything I just showed above, especially on this tray!

I hope some of these ideas inspired you to start getting ready for the warmer weather on its way! And hope you will pop by the shop and check out all the new items!