Makeover Monday- Classic and Neutral St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day- for most American’s it conjures up images of wearing funny green t-shirts, eating green colored food, celebrating with too many green alcoholic drinks, and lucky leprechauns pinching our friends who aren’t wearing green!

Funny how we tend to thwart the true meaning behind so many holidays, and while I won’t pretend to be an expert on anything St. Patty’s Day related, there really is a great, rich history behind it.

I used to paint four-leaf clovers on all of my St. Patrick’s Day signs, until someone requested the 3 leafed shamrock and taught me a little history lesson! Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock with its three leaves to represent the Holy Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and that it also stands for faith, hope and love. Since 4 leaf clovers are rare, they are the “lucky” ones. They are used interchangeably in modern St. Patrick’s Day decor, but I thought the meaning behind them was interesting, so I just thought I’d share that little tidbit!

I’ll be honest, when I think of St. Patrick’s Day decor, I think tacky, dollar store decor, and BRIGHT green. Not really my style!

So I set out to find a way to “makeover” the tacky part of St. Patrick’s Day and to make it more about crisp green and white textures, and a feeling of newness for spring!

vintage green book stack.jpg

I don’t really decorate at all myself with green except in natural elements (like the boxwood or pine I get from my yard! ), so I tried to find some things that brought in the freshness of spring, the brightness of greenery, and the contrast against white, so that it doesn’t look like a leprechaun exploded in your home, if that isn’t your thing either!

I’ve rounded up all of our green signs, of course! We really only have one that’s specific to St. Patrick’s day, but these other green signs are great for spring or anytime!

Of course our shamrock and bunny pair perfectly together, to cover St. Patrick’s Day, spring, and Easter all in one!

Click on each photo to visit that sign in the shop!

These four aren’t St. Patrick related at all but couldn’t resist sharing all my green signs!

Our blessed signs are also perfect for this time of year, and will help with a farmhouse feel with your green and white decor! In the South we tend to say, blessed way more than lucky….in fact you may occasionally have someone correct you if you say something is “lucky!” They will tell you that you are blessed and not lucky! :)


We’ve retired our St. Patrick’s Day truck sign, just like all our others, so we made a fun new printable just in time to exchange with our spring one for a bit!

And I’m totally contradicting my southern ways as mentioned about, but I had to put “luck” onto this printable!

You can grab this new truck printable here for FREE, just by signing up for our newsletter! If you are already signed up for our newsletter, you should have it already!

And I couldn’t resist adding this Irish blessing print to the shop! I mean, it talks about oceans, and it’s perfect for me with a little bit of green and some aqua! ! It comes in color and black and white!

Using natural shades of green

Like I mentioned already, I’m not really much for green decor, unless its something that’s naturally green. If you’ve followed me for a bit, you probably already know I’m obsessed with aqua, which actually does pair well with shades of green!

I’ve shown before how I added spring touches here, but I switched up the top of my aqua cabinet to add in some more green. I love how the books have shades of green and blues and all mix well together. I found these books in my stache of random decor in my office. Sometimes you just need to pull covers off and see what’s under them!

I also added some springs of boxwood to my farmhouse beads from Wilshire Collections, and I love the little pop of color they give dangling off the cabinet!

I was going to put away my winter blanket from the Hearth and Hand Collection last year at Target, but then I realized the green in it was still working, so I’m leaving it out for a few more weeks. (Also I probably should adjust it as it isn’t totally hiding the cords that the blanket is there to camouflage!

I also kept a green, white and natural textures theme going on my fireplace….I haven’t decided if/when I’ll add some color back in there, but I’m loving the neutral-ness for now! I used more boxwood clippings on my fireplace around my little houses that you can find here. (find the fresh flowers sign here and the row of flowers sign here)

Classic green and white decor

I went on a search for some cute green and white decor, that isn’t too St. Patrick’s like! You can use it now for St. Patrick’s Day decorating and throughout the rest of spring!

Nothing says farmhouse spring like some fresh white flowers! If you can’t keep things alive like I can’t, these faux tulips and hydrangeas are a great option!

And I love these two pitchers, one a little more classic, and one with farmhousey chippy stripes!

FArmhouse greenery

I love all of this greenery! Click on each to find it, and maybe (fingers crossed!) the out of stock clover one will be back soon! It’s my favorite! I don’t think I’ve seen a clover wreath before, just the standard boxwood!

Classy themed decor

If you just HAVE to have some actual decor that says St. Patrick’s Day specifically, here’s a few great items! They can still fit in nicely with a farmhouse, classic theme!

Hope these tips help you add a little bit of classic green to your decor! I’d love to see what you do with our prints or any of our green signs you might have!

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