Signs for the soul

Sometimes it’s our spirits that need a little makeover.

Today, my spirit is a bit heavy and unable to share a regular Makeover Monday post.

I know we all walk through things in our lives, big or small that have us feeling sad or down. Sometimes you just need to let yourself feel all of the emotions, anger, and frustrations to get it out before you can actually deal with how you feel.

So many of my signs have come from deep emotions, whether my own or your requests for signs to honor loved ones, remember a precious event, etc.

I’m honored that so many of you have purchased my signs for special people in your lives. I’ve walked through loss myself and with others the past couple years more than I wish I had.

For me, painting signs and meaningful words is part of how I heal, and I pray with every sign I make that the words mean something to you as well, and hopefully bring a bit of healing.

So with that, I’m sharing my signs today that I’ve made out of those emotions or for your emotions, and pray if any of you are struggling today, these words help, even if for a tiny moment.

You can click on each sign to find them in the shop, but more than that, I hope each one speaks to your heart.

There are so many more I’ve made over the years, and so many lives I’ve been blessed to be a small part of because of your purchases.

I love when you all share with me what or who your signs are for because it allows me to pray extra over them as I’m working on them.

Words mean so much in a home, even if it’s just to make it feel beautiful, and I’m so grateful for the chance so many of you have given me to allow me to be a small part of your lives.