Makeover Monday- Master Bathroom

This week’s Makeover Monday is all about the Master Bathroom!

I don’t think I’ve ever shown my bathroom online, and it’s actually a space I really love and enjoy!

It’s hard to photograph, but I did my best!

I use a lot of different textures with wood and metal in here, and some of my favorite signs, of course!



Here’s some of our signs perfect to use in the master bathroom

Click on each to visit them in the shop!

My no lifeguard on duty sign always gets a lot of chuckles in here, and I love how it not only lends a nautical element to the room, but it also serves as a reminder you enter at your own risk, since it’s the bathroom our kids probably use the most! Hahah!

The metal bin here is one of my favorite things, and sort of what I based the decor around. The sign inside is one of a kind and was one I carried around for awhile to shows, put for sale in a few different stores, and it never sold. I couldn’t figure out why, except that maybe it was just meant for me to keep it!

I stuck it in the bin until I could get it hung up, and it has stayed! I actually think it is perfect there! It keeps the bin balanced- because the bin has a secret….it holds our extra toilet paper! I love that it is obvious if you look closely that it’s where you can find the extra TP but it also makes the TP storage cute…. and the sign keeps the bin steady on top of the toilet whether it is full or empty! Otherwise, it was getting knocked off if nothing was in it!

I know it seems a bit silly but I absolutely love it, and it goes so well with the No Lifeguard sign!

I got the bin at Michael’s a few years ago, and it’s since discontinued so I found a couple similar ones I love!

These two different bins are similar and perfect for throwing in those items that need to be out on display like Toilet paper and washcloths!

Drawer and under sink storage

I love to use organization in the drawers and cabinets of my bathroom too, and find bins and trays the best way to do it!

  • I have almost these exact same bamboo ones and love them for hair ties, nail care supplies, etc.

  • These metal bins are shown in an office here, but these are almost exactly like the ones I have under my sinks! They are perfect for fitting around the pipes.

For awhile, I used the cheap kind…..I mean who doesn’t have some of these things in their house somewhere?

I always ended up having to toss them and buy new ones, so when we got married I registered for some nice bamboo ones for the drawers and metal bins for under the sink. These have all lasted as long as our marriage, haha! Ten years and still going strong (both the marriage and the storage!)

Occasionally I clean them out and wipe them down, but they have traveled through 4 moves with us, and no crushing during use or the moving like the cheap ones!

Snag extra storage by adding a medicine cabinet


Our medicine cabinet has lasted a long time too! I can’t find the same one anymore, but here are a couple similar ones! It’s been useful to have things up high where the kids couldn’t get them when they were smaller!

Lots of builder grade houses don’t seem to come with dedicated medicine cabinets, so we’ve had this one and moved it along with us as well through out the houses we rented until we bought our current one!

If you have some extra wall space in your bathroom, these would be perfect to hold washcloths, extra toiletries, etc.

  • I used to have a three tiered one just like this and now that I’ve found this one for the bathroom, wish I hadn’t gotten rid of mine! I have the perfect skinny spot for it over my tub!

I don’t mind my builder grade vanity/cabinets that much really…..but in a dream scenario I’d totally replace them with something custom! These were two of my favorites I found in my search

I mean, yes these are expensive, but a girl can dream, right?!

Hope you love these little things to makeover your bathrooms, and let me know if you snag any of these!