Makeover Monday-Dining Room

I really only have an eating area in my kitchen, not a true dining room, but I still have a lot I want to work on in the space!

Unfortunately, our dining area also includes the laundry, and I don’t have much space to decorate. But you work with what you’ve got, right?!

Anchored Soul Dining Room.jpg

Of course, I’ve got some great signs that work in dining rooms, then I’ll show you some things I’m considering for my own!

This printable is perfect for the dining room!

Click on each photo to visit that sign in the shop!

Dough bowls for dining tables

I’ve been obsessed with finding a dough bowl for awhile, and just found one over Christmas. It’s not a real one like I wish I had, but it works for now! It was a Target clearance find and is discontinued. I also painted it to more my style!

I went searching for some dough bowls to share online and found these! Some are really pricey and some are great options!


I filled my dough bowl up with items I already had on hand! I had another bowl here on my table until I got this one, so I swiped the decor from that and filled it with a couple authentic fishing floats, starfish, driftwood, and my favorite spring decor- dried boxwood from the bushes in my front yard (If you read last week’s blog post, you’ll remember how this is one of my favorite tips, using clippings from my yard!).

I’ve actually found several fake fishing floats and other filler at Kohl’s over the years and found these that I loved, and thought I’d share!

These items are great for any centerpiece and not just dough bowls, AND these are really great prices!

Click on each to see!

Table runners

I could really use a runner on my table. I think it would make the decor pop a little more! I really want a gray buffalo check, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted! I may have to make mine or may pick from one of these options!

And speaking of tables….I don’t want to get rid of my table any time soon. It’s been in my family for almost longer than I’ve been alive, but the chairs are on their final legs….literally! My brother and his friends always leaned back in them, and they’ve already been glued and repaired more times than I can count. I’m going to need new ones soon, even if I don’t get a new table!

I’m kind of in love with both of these tables here! (my table in the middle again for reference!)


I’d also love love to swap up the lighting over the table!

I have wanted an aqua pendant like this first one here for a long time (more aqua and not so teal!). Then I found these other two and my heart skipped a beat!

Hope these ideas inspired you!

All these Monday Makeover ideas have really motivated me to get to work on all the little projects and things I need work on in each of these areas! Hope it is doing the same for you!

dining room collage.jpg