Makeover Monday- Hot Cocoa Bar!

We’re super excited to start this series on Monday’s to help you makeover different areas of your home using our signs and some of our favorite products!

It is COLD in Tennessee today, and a hot cocoa bar is on my mind! I’ve been needing to redo mine just a bit after Christmas and thought I’d share some of my ideas!

Also, my girls have been out of school for a week with the flu, and we are ITCHING to get back to a normal schedule! Alas, it’s a holiday- SO we are celebrating being stuck in the cold with their favorite treat- Hot Chocolate and putting our newly made over area to use!

Hot Chocolate Bar

I still have several tweaks I want to make, and I’ll show you below some of the stuff I’m looking at!

First- of course we have a few signs that are PERFECT for a Hot cocoa Bar!

Like these Hot Cocoa signs!

Or this Baby It’s cold outside is perfect too!

Also our little signs like a snowflake or snowman are perfect too, and come in black and aqua!

I also found some other great products to help make over your hot cocoa bar area!


You’ve got to have somewhere to put all the cute stuff, right?! Of course you could use some empty counter space if you have any, but I’m in love with a dedicated area for a hot cocoa bar!

  1. We DIY-ed our shelves with corbels and 10 x 1 in boards from Home Depot, and we love them! They were agood bit of work though, if you’d rather have something ready made

  2. I absolutely love the LOOK of these but holy price tag!! I think you could easily replicate this on your own and make them for much cheaper! They are almost like upside down shelves which is kinda cool!

  3. These industrial pipe ones are pretty cool and seem to have plenty of room. The items you put on the shelves can help them lean more modern, or farmhouse, and can fit lots of styles!

  4. I think these are the ones I’d pick if I hadn’t DIY-ed mine! I love the contrasting wood colors!

Next up is mug racks!

If you are like us, our “mug cupboard” is kinda far from our cocoa bar! I’ve been searching for awhile for the perfect mug rack to put with all our cocoa and coffee stuff!

  1. This one is clean and simple.

  2. This one will hold your k-cups if you have a Keurig!

  3. Ok this one is my fave, but I really want it in white!

Next is cute mugs! Which are a MUST for any cocoa bar!

  1. In my opinion, Rae Dunn is a MUST for any coffee or cocoa bar! I have lots of it but haven’t been able to find any cocoa or hot cocoa pots that I didn’t need to sell my children to afford!

  1. This mug looks a lot like Rae Dunn, although it’s a bit small for me!

  2. This one is perfect for a cold evening by the fire- because you’ll need fuzzy socks too! (side note-THESE fuzzy socks are my fave! I own a pair, and they are super thick and cozy!)

  3. These are a perfect classic set that will last year round, but will be perfect to load up with hot cocoa and all the toppings! I’m obsessed with large mugs and LOVE these!


I could resist sharing this!

If it was aqua, it would be in my cart right now!!

How awesome would this be for snowy days (or icy days as we tend to get here in middle TN!), to fix up a batch in this and then have it waiting and ready for whenever the kids come in from playing out side, or when it gets too chilly inside the house@!


It comes in black and white, and it’s super easy to print out on card stock or regular paper and frame! And it’s just $5 for both versions that you can print as many times as you’d like for personal use or gifting!

Hope you all loved these items and let me know what other areas of your house you’d like to have me help makeover next!

If you have or grab any of these items, we’d love to see pics of them in your home!

Stacey Haynes
Anchored Soul Designs

P.S. If you just want your house to smell like hot cocoa without the calories- try this candle. If YOU want to smell like hot cocoa, try this lotion! I got hooked on it when I was pregnant with my girls and got it free with baby coupons!

Anchored Soul Hot cocoa bar