Makeover Monday- Pantry!

I hope you loved our first Makeover Monday last week with our Hot Cocoa Bar ideas! We’ve got a follow up with links to all the products on ours coming up soon, but…..

Today’s Makeover Monday topic is the Pantry!

I’m super jealous of those of you who have large, walk-in Pantries in your kitchen… our current house, that is something we will most likely never have!

Who else has one of these long tall cabinets that you pretend is your pantry, because there really isn’t one!

For some perspective, I’m showing you a wider angle of ours, so you can see the laundry is right next to it, therefore eliminating room for ever having a real pantry :(

Anchored Soul Pantry

Funny story, I actually had to label my BATHROOM door because people think it is a pantry and would ask where the bathroom was when standing right in front of it!!

(Also, side note, who is the brilliant architect that thinks its a good idea to have a bathroom in a kitchen?? I always offer the use of the bathroom in my master because yes, we WILL hear you if you use the kitchen one! Haha!)

See what I mean here…….

Hot cocoa bar

You’d think it was maybe a pantry too right? The island is right behind where I’m standing to take the pic here!

I’m going to tweak my pantry with a sign and some organization that I’ll show you later on but for now here’s some ideas to help you make over yours, whether you have a large walk-in or a tiny one like me!

First we have some signs that are perfect for a pantry makeover!

Our word signs are a great fit for lots of styles of decor!

Click on each to visit them in the shop!

Our animal signs are perfect too, if you have a large pantry!

I rounded up some other products to help you makeover your pantry! I sadly don’t have enough space for some of these cute things, but I think a shopping trip is in order to find some of this cute stuff!

FIRST UP is some things to add to your shelving!

You’ve got to have somewhere to put your stuff right?

Next up is Cute Jars!

Ok so I sadly don’t have enough room for Jars in my pantry, but I do have some cute apothecary style glass jars on some shelves on my kitchen island

Next is Bins and baskets which are a must for storage!

I don’t know about you, but I love to take thing, like the kids school snacks, out of the boxes or portion them up immediately when I get home from the grocery store and organize them! Bins and baskets are perfect for that!

Want to hear one of my deep dark secrets??! I am currently using a USPS priority mail box for a “storage bin” in my pantry! So embarrassing, right?! But it works! Hahah! Just don’t tell anyone my secret, ok?! And I promise I will remedy it soon!

  • I love these plain but simple storage baskets, I’m sure you’ve seen before! The white washed ones are my favorite here, and bonus they fold up for when you don’t need all of them!

  • I may sincerely need these gray and sea-grass baskets!! They come in two different sizes too! They seem like they’d be perfect for larger bags like chips to keep them from falling over or getting lost.

  • These wire ones definitely aren’t going to win any cuteness awards, but they are super useful!

  • I’d love a few of these adorable stacking bins side by side! They are a little smaller and would be perfect for kids snacks

    I think these baskets may be my favorite!

These two pictured here are the same baskets, that come in 3 sizes and a few different colors! You know the aqua and gray are my faves! I have a gift card to Kohls and think I may need to go get these ASAP!

LAST UP Is some fun doors, if you have a bigger pantry!

If you have the space to replace the doors for your pantry, I love these two ideas!

  • Since a Pantry doesn’t really require perfect “privacy” a barn door is perfect if you have enough wall space. Also it would motivate you to keep it clean and organized since the door might be open a lot! This one from Wayfair is pretty affordable!

  • Bi-fold doors can be really ugly, right?! If your pantry has them, find some like these cute unfinished ones to replace them, and paint them any color you’d like! Or even if you have a regular door but it gets crowded when you swing it open, a bi-fold can be a great space saving option!

Hope you all loved these items and let me know what areas of your house you’d like to have me help makeover!

Stacey Haynes
Anchored Soul Designs