Coastal Fall Centerpiece

If you need a big statement on a kitchen table, coffee table, and you don’t have a good “container” to use, snag these tips and build a centerpiece directly on your table, on a tray, or on a slab of wood!



  • Tray, or piece of wood (ours is from ReNue Home Studio)

  • Starfish

  • Driftwood

  • Mini Pumpkins from Target Dollar spot

  • Our signs

  • Pumpkins I’ve collected from TJMaxx, Homegoods, and Marshall’s stores

  • Dried wheat stalks

  • Trimmings from our front yard.

My biggest tips for this arrangement-

  • Start with the filler if you are using something heavy like these pumpkins, it is easier to just fluff a little after they on top, then to try to keep moving them around to fill in.

  • Look outside in your yard first for filler. An ugly bush in my front yard, is a perfect seagrass look a like.

  • Dig through your beach treasures before you buy more.

  • Buy a few new things each fall season, reuse the same filler from the year before.

  • If you love the coastal look, layer beachy items in with seasonal to keep up with the seasons but keep your coastal look.


Here’s some ideas for fillers you can purchase that I've shown before, but in case you missed them!

Click on each to see!



Anchored Soul Signs

Of course we think our signs are perfect for styling with any centerpiece

These are great options for coastal or non coastal-


If you need a tray there’s a whole section of great ones here for under $25

I hope you love these ideas, and I’d love to see yours if you create one too- coastal or not! :)

Thanks for following along!


Fall BEACH signs are here!

I’m so excited to announce our new line of fall signs, but more importantly fall BEACH signs!!

I’ve always decorated with a coastal theme, and still remember when I realized I could keep it going for every season!

I couldn’t find ANY cute fall decor that was actually beach related though, so I made my own!

Here’s a peek at the new stuff!

Click on any photo below to shop for these signs!

Easy Coastal Fall Dough Bowl

I use this giant dough bowl on my dining table and switch it up for every season! I am absolutely in LOVE with how this Coastal Fall version turned out, and I’m sharing all the details!


You can see my dining room post here for more dining room inspiration, but today I’m teaching you how to re-create my coastal fall version!

Watch this video of each step, then see below for links and resources!

Coastal Dough bowl, from summer to FAll

Here’s the one I started with! I left it with just coastal and spring elements all through spring and summer and it served me well, but I was ready to kick it up a bit for fall!

I found this dough bowl on clearance after Christmas. It was a Target “Threshold” line Christmas item, but it isn’t Christmassy at all! I cut off the long handles on it and stained it darker to better suit my style!

Here’s some options for your own dough bowl!

This one below is my favorite. It is the most similar to mine and not a ridiculous price. You can find it here on amazon!

Filling up your dough bowl with fall and coastal items

I filled my dough bowl up with items I already had on hand, plus one of my signs!

Here’s a list of what I used and then I’ll share some places you can find these items!

🍁Items Used🍁

◾️Our aqua autumn sign, available in the shop (choose aqua from the drop down)
◾️Homegoods pumpkins
◾️Dried boxwood pieces from our front yard
◾️Wheat stalks (I get mine at Publix- yes, a grocery store! They have it every fall, and it’s a good quality at a great price!)
◾️Real fishing floats from a vintage shop in California
◾️Driftwood collected from various beaches
◾️Filler from potpourri like assortment with varying textures
◾️Mini foam pumpkins fro Michael’s that I painted, dry brushed and added sticks to instead of stems

If you don’t have these items on hand here’s some great resources-

Fishing floats and other filler

I’ve actually found several fake fishing floats and other filler at Kohl’s over the years and found these that I loved.

These are really great prices, and some include shells and “driftwood” like pieces!

Click on each to see!


Of course, your best bet is visiting a lake or the beach and snagging some free wood, but these are great options if you can’t get there quick enough


If you are a Coastal lover, you probably already have a collection of seashells and starfish, but if not, here’s some great options, even a pack of resin ones as an option if you’d rather them not be real!


I purchased the larger pumpkins from the Homegoods family of stores- TJmaxx, Homegoods, and Marshall’s! They’ve been a bit hard to find so scoop them up if you see them! At $4.99 they are a great deal and SO cute! I may have * a few * …ahem…ok…maybe 8…so far! I’m just LOVING them in several different places around my house!

Homegoods even featured my photo of my dough bowl on their Instagram feed! That might even be how you found me!

Anchored Soul Signs

Of course I couldn’t resist styling mine with more than one sign option.

You can find all of our fall signs here.

And our fall BEACH signs here!

Any of our 6 x 6 in or 8 x 3 in signs make a great option for dough bowls or any type of tray!

You can click on any of these photos to go straight to that sign!

I’d love to see if you decorate your own dough bowl in a coastal style or with any of our fall signs!

Thanks for following along!


Makeover Monday- Adding some Easter touches

It’s officially spring and we are BACK with our makeover Monday posts!! YAY!!!

March was a rough one, not going to lie! And April is starting out cold, but it’s almost time for EASTER, which means adding in a bit more color and fun!

I don’t decorate a whole lot for this season, but I did snag myself a couple Easter related items I’m going to share with you, and of course show off what we have for your Easter decor!

You’re going to want to get your Easter decor quickly before it’s too late! :)

Ok, so I can’t hide it from you guys……I really dislike most Easter Decor. It either looks too kid-like OR it looks too granny like! I’m sorry, please don’t throw things at me! Haha!

But I did find some good stuff to share! If you are like me and don’t like most Easter Decor, then you may love these things that don’t say kid or granny style!

Small little things like adding in pastels or bright colors, flowers, and a few specific Easter touches are all you really need if you don’t want to go all out!

We have this SUPER CUTE spring printable we are giving you for free! You can grab it here, and frame it for a super quick and easy spring fix!

We also have Lots of easter signs in the shop

Click on the individual photos to see the signs in the shop!

These crosses and quotes are even perfect year round, but especially appropriate at Easter!

Bunnies are perfect for all of spring, and for an extra touch of color, how about these lemons and yellow flowers!

other ways to spruce up for Easter!

Don’t forget my tips here for adding some color with greenery in your favorite vases and bottles!

These vases are just too perfect for Easter as well so I’m sharing them again! Think table settings with even just a grouping of these and fresh flowers!


Pillows are a quick way to change out your decor. I may or may not have a stash of spare pillows WAY UP HIGH in my master bedroom closet that I switch out for seasons!


These banners and signs are cute without being too Granny or kiddish!

Here’s the Easter decor I picked up from one of my retailers! I got to visit The Faded Farmhouse NC finally while I was in NC last month, and loved meeting the owner Bethany!

I picked up the cute little aqua truck (which came with bunny salt and pepper shakers that I gave to my best friend!) while I was there and since she was out of the mugs, I had her mail me some when she got them back in! They are perfect on my coffee bar!

Still tweaking my coffee bar a bit and updating the bottom part completely, but here’s a peek for now!

Easter Coffee mug.jpg

I hope some of these ideas inspired you to start getting ready Easter! Don’t forget to grab your free Easter print and shop for Easter decor in my shop soon to get it in time!

Signs for the soul

Sometimes it’s our spirits that need a little makeover.

Today, my spirit is a bit heavy and unable to share a regular Makeover Monday post.

I know we all walk through things in our lives, big or small that have us feeling sad or down. Sometimes you just need to let yourself feel all of the emotions, anger, and frustrations to get it out before you can actually deal with how you feel.

So many of my signs have come from deep emotions, whether my own or your requests for signs to honor loved ones, remember a precious event, etc.

I’m honored that so many of you have purchased my signs for special people in your lives. I’ve walked through loss myself and with others the past couple years more than I wish I had.

For me, painting signs and meaningful words is part of how I heal, and I pray with every sign I make that the words mean something to you as well, and hopefully bring a bit of healing.

So with that, I’m sharing my signs today that I’ve made out of those emotions or for your emotions, and pray if any of you are struggling today, these words help, even if for a tiny moment.

You can click on each sign to find them in the shop, but more than that, I hope each one speaks to your heart.

There are so many more I’ve made over the years, and so many lives I’ve been blessed to be a small part of because of your purchases.

I love when you all share with me what or who your signs are for because it allows me to pray extra over them as I’m working on them.

Words mean so much in a home, even if it’s just to make it feel beautiful, and I’m so grateful for the chance so many of you have given me to allow me to be a small part of your lives.

Makeover Monday-Dining Room

I really only have an eating area in my kitchen, not a true dining room, but I still have a lot I want to work on in the space!

Unfortunately, our dining area also includes the laundry, and I don’t have much space to decorate. But you work with what you’ve got, right?!

Anchored Soul Dining Room.jpg

Of course, I’ve got some great signs that work in dining rooms, then I’ll show you some things I’m considering for my own!

This printable is perfect for the dining room!

Click on each photo to visit that sign in the shop!

Dough bowls for dining tables

I’ve been obsessed with finding a dough bowl for awhile, and just found one over Christmas. It’s not a real one like I wish I had, but it works for now! It was a Target clearance find and is discontinued. I also painted it to more my style!

I went searching for some dough bowls to share online and found these! Some are really pricey and some are great options!


I filled my dough bowl up with items I already had on hand! I had another bowl here on my table until I got this one, so I swiped the decor from that and filled it with a couple authentic fishing floats, starfish, driftwood, and my favorite spring decor- dried boxwood from the bushes in my front yard (If you read last week’s blog post, you’ll remember how this is one of my favorite tips, using clippings from my yard!).

I’ve actually found several fake fishing floats and other filler at Kohl’s over the years and found these that I loved, and thought I’d share!

These items are great for any centerpiece and not just dough bowls, AND these are really great prices!

Click on each to see!

Table runners

I could really use a runner on my table. I think it would make the decor pop a little more! I really want a gray buffalo check, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted! I may have to make mine or may pick from one of these options!

And speaking of tables….I don’t want to get rid of my table any time soon. It’s been in my family for almost longer than I’ve been alive, but the chairs are on their final legs….literally! My brother and his friends always leaned back in them, and they’ve already been glued and repaired more times than I can count. I’m going to need new ones soon, even if I don’t get a new table!

I’m kind of in love with both of these tables here! (my table in the middle again for reference!)


I’d also love love to swap up the lighting over the table!

I have wanted an aqua pendant like this first one here for a long time (more aqua and not so teal!). Then I found these other two and my heart skipped a beat!

Hope these ideas inspired you!

All these Monday Makeover ideas have really motivated me to get to work on all the little projects and things I need work on in each of these areas! Hope it is doing the same for you!

dining room collage.jpg

Makeover Monday- Switching to Spring

Whether it is still snowy and cold in your area, or warming up with daffodils already blooming….either way it is time to start thinking SPRING!

So today’s makeover Monday is all about switching over to spring and adding in some COLOR to spruce up the wintery blues!

We have this SUPER CUTE spring printable we are giving you for free! You can grab it here, and frame it for a super quick and easy spring fix!

We also have tons of new spring signs in the shop

We are LOVING these tulips and we even added some daffodils this year!

If you can’t tell we are really loving yellow and green!

Click on each photo to visit that sign in the shop!

And of course, we’ve got lots of other colors!

If you aren’t in the market for a sign, and want some decor that you can either leave out for awhile or switch out with each season, we have tons of spring printables in the shop too!

What’s the difference in our signs and printables?

Well, our signs are handmade to order and get shipped directly to your home!

Our prints come in your email, and you can print them on your own printer or take them somewhere to get printed on high quality paper! You can print them yourselves on a cardstock quality paper or even just plain old regular printer paper will work! Framing is our favorite way to use them!

other ways to spruce up for spring!

You can see here how I swapped out pine for boxwood in these milk glass vases to switch over from winter to spring! I just use trees and bushes around my house to do this each year! They both do dry out quite a bit, but they retain their color and last for months and months! This is probably one of my favorite money saving tips for decorating- using nature to decorate for free! Also swapping out my prints from a wintery one to a spring one was super quick and easy!

I love love love using vintage blue bottles and milk glass vases! You’ll often see me sharing pics of them styled with my photos, like you see here below! Adding flowers or a sprig of greenery is a great way to easily make it feel like spring!

All of my bottles and vases are true vintage, and on occasion I have paid way too much for them just because I love how they look!

I found a few options for some you can buy online and some of these are fantastic deals! Click on each to check them out!

Flowers and greenery

Like I said, I tend to use mostly natural greenery around my house, but I WILL splurge some on both fake and real flowers! I also LOVE these fake but real looking boxwoods. Click on each of these to see where to find them!

I’m also loving anything seagrass right now to add texture and dimension to a space! It’s perfect to mix with anything I just showed above, especially on this tray!

I hope some of these ideas inspired you to start getting ready for the warmer weather on its way! And hope you will pop by the shop and check out all the new items!

Makeover Monday- Master Bathroom

This week’s Makeover Monday is all about the Master Bathroom!

I don’t think I’ve ever shown my bathroom online, and it’s actually a space I really love and enjoy!

It’s hard to photograph, but I did my best!

I use a lot of different textures with wood and metal in here, and some of my favorite signs, of course!



Here’s some of our signs perfect to use in the master bathroom

Click on each to visit them in the shop!

My no lifeguard on duty sign always gets a lot of chuckles in here, and I love how it not only lends a nautical element to the room, but it also serves as a reminder you enter at your own risk, since it’s the bathroom our kids probably use the most! Hahah!

The metal bin here is one of my favorite things, and sort of what I based the decor around. The sign inside is one of a kind and was one I carried around for awhile to shows, put for sale in a few different stores, and it never sold. I couldn’t figure out why, except that maybe it was just meant for me to keep it!

I stuck it in the bin until I could get it hung up, and it has stayed! I actually think it is perfect there! It keeps the bin balanced- because the bin has a secret….it holds our extra toilet paper! I love that it is obvious if you look closely that it’s where you can find the extra TP but it also makes the TP storage cute…. and the sign keeps the bin steady on top of the toilet whether it is full or empty! Otherwise, it was getting knocked off if nothing was in it!

I know it seems a bit silly but I absolutely love it, and it goes so well with the No Lifeguard sign!

I got the bin at Michael’s a few years ago, and it’s since discontinued so I found a couple similar ones I love!

These two different bins are similar and perfect for throwing in those items that need to be out on display like Toilet paper and washcloths!

Drawer and under sink storage

I love to use organization in the drawers and cabinets of my bathroom too, and find bins and trays the best way to do it!

  • I have almost these exact same bamboo ones and love them for hair ties, nail care supplies, etc.

  • These metal bins are shown in an office here, but these are almost exactly like the ones I have under my sinks! They are perfect for fitting around the pipes.

For awhile, I used the cheap kind…..I mean who doesn’t have some of these things in their house somewhere?

I always ended up having to toss them and buy new ones, so when we got married I registered for some nice bamboo ones for the drawers and metal bins for under the sink. These have all lasted as long as our marriage, haha! Ten years and still going strong (both the marriage and the storage!)

Occasionally I clean them out and wipe them down, but they have traveled through 4 moves with us, and no crushing during use or the moving like the cheap ones!

Snag extra storage by adding a medicine cabinet


Our medicine cabinet has lasted a long time too! I can’t find the same one anymore, but here are a couple similar ones! It’s been useful to have things up high where the kids couldn’t get them when they were smaller!

Lots of builder grade houses don’t seem to come with dedicated medicine cabinets, so we’ve had this one and moved it along with us as well through out the houses we rented until we bought our current one!

If you have some extra wall space in your bathroom, these would be perfect to hold washcloths, extra toiletries, etc.

  • I used to have a three tiered one just like this and now that I’ve found this one for the bathroom, wish I hadn’t gotten rid of mine! I have the perfect skinny spot for it over my tub!

I don’t mind my builder grade vanity/cabinets that much really…..but in a dream scenario I’d totally replace them with something custom! These were two of my favorites I found in my search

I mean, yes these are expensive, but a girl can dream, right?!

Hope you love these little things to makeover your bathrooms, and let me know if you snag any of these!

Makeover Monday- Pantry!

I hope you loved our first Makeover Monday last week with our Hot Cocoa Bar ideas! We’ve got a follow up with links to all the products on ours coming up soon, but…..

Today’s Makeover Monday topic is the Pantry!

I’m super jealous of those of you who have large, walk-in Pantries in your kitchen… our current house, that is something we will most likely never have!

Who else has one of these long tall cabinets that you pretend is your pantry, because there really isn’t one!

For some perspective, I’m showing you a wider angle of ours, so you can see the laundry is right next to it, therefore eliminating room for ever having a real pantry :(

Anchored Soul Pantry

Funny story, I actually had to label my BATHROOM door because people think it is a pantry and would ask where the bathroom was when standing right in front of it!!

(Also, side note, who is the brilliant architect that thinks its a good idea to have a bathroom in a kitchen?? I always offer the use of the bathroom in my master because yes, we WILL hear you if you use the kitchen one! Haha!)

See what I mean here…….

Hot cocoa bar

You’d think it was maybe a pantry too right? The island is right behind where I’m standing to take the pic here!

I’m going to tweak my pantry with a sign and some organization that I’ll show you later on but for now here’s some ideas to help you make over yours, whether you have a large walk-in or a tiny one like me!

First we have some signs that are perfect for a pantry makeover!

Our word signs are a great fit for lots of styles of decor!

Click on each to visit them in the shop!

Our animal signs are perfect too, if you have a large pantry!

I rounded up some other products to help you makeover your pantry! I sadly don’t have enough space for some of these cute things, but I think a shopping trip is in order to find some of this cute stuff!

FIRST UP is some things to add to your shelving!

You’ve got to have somewhere to put your stuff right?

Next up is Cute Jars!

Ok so I sadly don’t have enough room for Jars in my pantry, but I do have some cute apothecary style glass jars on some shelves on my kitchen island

Next is Bins and baskets which are a must for storage!

I don’t know about you, but I love to take thing, like the kids school snacks, out of the boxes or portion them up immediately when I get home from the grocery store and organize them! Bins and baskets are perfect for that!

Want to hear one of my deep dark secrets??! I am currently using a USPS priority mail box for a “storage bin” in my pantry! So embarrassing, right?! But it works! Hahah! Just don’t tell anyone my secret, ok?! And I promise I will remedy it soon!

  • I love these plain but simple storage baskets, I’m sure you’ve seen before! The white washed ones are my favorite here, and bonus they fold up for when you don’t need all of them!

  • I may sincerely need these gray and sea-grass baskets!! They come in two different sizes too! They seem like they’d be perfect for larger bags like chips to keep them from falling over or getting lost.

  • These wire ones definitely aren’t going to win any cuteness awards, but they are super useful!

  • I’d love a few of these adorable stacking bins side by side! They are a little smaller and would be perfect for kids snacks

    I think these baskets may be my favorite!

These two pictured here are the same baskets, that come in 3 sizes and a few different colors! You know the aqua and gray are my faves! I have a gift card to Kohls and think I may need to go get these ASAP!

LAST UP Is some fun doors, if you have a bigger pantry!

If you have the space to replace the doors for your pantry, I love these two ideas!

  • Since a Pantry doesn’t really require perfect “privacy” a barn door is perfect if you have enough wall space. Also it would motivate you to keep it clean and organized since the door might be open a lot! This one from Wayfair is pretty affordable!

  • Bi-fold doors can be really ugly, right?! If your pantry has them, find some like these cute unfinished ones to replace them, and paint them any color you’d like! Or even if you have a regular door but it gets crowded when you swing it open, a bi-fold can be a great space saving option!

Hope you all loved these items and let me know what areas of your house you’d like to have me help makeover!

Stacey Haynes
Anchored Soul Designs